Happy Valentines!

Otherwise known as Lupercalia! which was an annual Roman festival, held on February 15 to honour Faunus, god of fertility and forests.  The festival was celebrated near the cave of Lupercal on the Palatine (one of the seven Roman hills), to expiate and purify new life in the Spring.  This festival’s origins are older than the founding of Rome.

The Willows Project participants have been making use of the wet weather confining us to the cabin and focusing on our creations.  Please check out everyone’s endeavours at Gaia, and Lighthorne Pavillion or for members, the barn at Community Canalside.

We have the following items for sale:  hearts, boot jacks, yew clocks, hand painted stones, bath fizzers, slate hearts, plant markers, bags for life, coconut and lavender body butter, coconut and shea body butter, calendula and grapefruit massage balm, handmade various soaps, all made using organic ingredients by  adults with learning difficulties , facilitated by staff.


Please feel free to order anything you would like multiples of via email or written message at any of the outlets.

” The act of giving, and the giver’s identity is carefully concealed. The gift itself acts simply as the vehicle of the giver’s desire.  Be My Love  xxxxx”

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