Homemade pizza anyone?

The Willows Project are now happy to unveil our newly built pizza oven! As part of our summer programme ‘Summer Skills and Socials’ we have spent the last five weeks building this new addition to our garden area. The cob dome was made with a mixture of clay, straw and sand, and of course many muddy hands and feet! Which was great fun of course. We are still to add the final touches with a mosaic design inspired nature, using pieces of china found in the fields on the neighbouring farm.

The Summer Skills and Socials programme has been funded by Awards for All and focuses on working with vulnerable adults from the Way Ahead Project, ESH Works, Springboard, Chapter 1, Crisis Coventry and The Recovery Partnership.  The programme has been running from June and will end in September with a celebration, and lots of pizza no doubt. Other activities in the programme include woodwork, making herbal remedies, arty crafts, cooking and simply the enjoyment of being immersed in nature.

The programme has been a happy and successful one for everyone involved.


Making the 'cob'Building the domeBuilding the domeAlmost finished!The inaugural lighting of the oven!Pizza MakingPizza going in!




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