Winter ‘Elf Project

We are running a ten week project, one day a week (Thursday) between
October 17th – December 19th 10am-4pm, particularly targeting adults
who have experienced issues around mental health or substance mis-use.

The project is fully funded and we have 15 free places (inc transport and food costs) to
allocate to individuals from a range of local organisations around Warwickshire.
Places can be booked for the full 10 weeks or a block of 4 and participants can come for
a taster day before they block book.We offer participants the chance to be on a working organic farm with the focus towards
making seasonal goods and gifts from natural and recycled materials that will be
sourced from around the site. The project is more than just a craft course and has been
designed around the Five Ways to Wellbeing principles that aim to give all people
opportunities to connect, be active, take notice, learn and give.

During the Winter Elf’ programme, which takes place in the run up to Christmas that
can be particularly difficult for vulnerable adults, participants will:

Connect by bringing people from the local community together for days of shared
activity, increasing wellbeing and self-esteem;
Be active through the gathering of natural materials and walking around the farm;
Take notice of what is growing and freely available in the natural environment, with the
opportunity to use photographic equipment provided to document achievements;
Learn how to source, manage and then use natural materials to make beautiful gifts;
Give items of their own creation to friends and family for Christmas.

We will also cook and share a hot meal together at lunchtime made from organic
vegetables grown on the wider farm.

Please contact us by email if you have any service users in mind that would
benefit from attending this project and would like to find our more or book a
space – we would love to hear from you.  

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